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Healthcare Management Institutes in Kathmandu

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Healthcare Management Institutes in Kathmandu

Health care management in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal has grown-up over the years with significant increase in infrastructure and quality patient care with human touch using state-of-the art expertise and machinery. Although the healthcare quality is increasing by the day, there is still need for more healthcare management institutes in Kathmandu. 

A National Health Policy (NHP) was transpired in early 90’s to deal with the healthcare needs of the nation. It addresses provision of quality health care services as well as necessary information and healthcare management issues. The people of Nepal recognize that enhancement in health care for its population is closely linked to improving literacy, reducing poverty, lessening the rate of population growth, successful management of human resources and an enhanced infrastructure for delivery of medical services. Solutions to problems with healthcare in Kathmandu are tightly linked to governmental dedication to superior medical services and the infrastructure to sustain the change.

Healthcare management institutes in Kathmandu are scanty or rather unevenly distributed to cater the training needs of the health care staff in a larger scale. Though few academic institutions are providing the same but lackluster in providing objective oriented training. The online courses in healthcare management will address the dearth and deal with this problem very effectively.

 The characteristic trait of any underdeveloped economy is poor human resources and lack of sufficient manpower with desired skills. James Lind Institute offers a spectrum of self-paced online courses in health care management with global standards of service delivery in mind.

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