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Jobs in Pharmacovigilance

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Jobs in Pharmacovigilance

Jobs in Pharmacovigilance :- Sound drug regulatory measures necessitate the base for a national philosophy of drug safety, and for public assurance in medicines. The practice of pharmacovigilance has evolved significantly since the 1972 WHO technical report, and it remains an active scientific discipline.

The role played by pharmacovigilance in novel drug development and marketing issues is well established. Pharmacovigilance, which strengthens the government’s role in protecting the health of its citizens, has turned out to be even more significant as globalization calls for an amalgamated universal set of regulatory policy.

Working in a pharmacovigilance division needs sound knowledge of clinical medicine, toxicology epidemiology, and pharmacology. The expertise for evaluating reports on cases of adverse drug reactions can be attained by training staff or employing expert consultants on a regular basis.

Preferably, a pharmacovigilance coordinating center requires at least a person from pharmacy background, a physician or pharmacoepidemiologist, administrative staff, and a programmer or systems analyst.

Well trained professionals are provided entry positions viz., Drug Safety Assistant, Drug Safety Associate and Clinical Data Coordinator. The physicians in this field may serve as a Drug Safety Physician, Pharmacovigilance Physician, and can reach up to General Manager or Director Positions. The scientists from pharmacology or pharmaco-epidemiology expertise may attain positions like Pharmacovigilance Scientist, Quality Assurance Manager, Senior or Global Pharmacovigilance Specialist etc.

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