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Is Leadership and Management Skill important in Public health?

Public Health Leadership

Is Leadership and Management Skill important in Public health?

The nature of public health is changing rapidly and increasing in complexity with the burden of diseases and insatiable demands of medicine in public health. Ensuring dissemination of leadership and management skills systematically have become essential parts of public health training.

Public Health Leadership and Management

Definition of leadership is the ability to inspire trust is an importanceconcern to effectively and efficiently guide and instruct performance of subordinates. Leadership competency creates an ethical organizational culture and shared vision and values to inspire and motivate personnel to work effectively in understanding the impact of public health issues.Management involves overseeing resources of equipment and staff, implementing and planning healthcare services along with cultivating relationships between service providers and the public. Thus, leadership maps out the direction; creates vision and strategies; motivates and alignsteam member while management involves problem solving, planning, budgeting, organizing and handling staff member.
Management and Leadership are complicated concepts, but leadershipis animportantfunction ofmanagementthat can maximize efficiency to achieve organizational goals. Management and Leadership skills are required in constantly changing and quickly evolving field of public health. Leadership and management are different in terms of roles, responsibilities and abilities but equally important for the success of public health organization. Public health management and Leadership includes monitoring, evaluation and planning programs, managing organizational budget, negotiating and overseeing contracts, recruiting employees and managing organizational risk. Understanding the characteristics of good leaders and fundamentals of leading or managing team members is crucial in any organisation at international, national, and local levels.

Courses and Programs in Public Health Leadership

Public health leadership and management courses exposes relevant theories and models that occur across public health organisations with reference to advocacy, communication, human right issues, decision making, equity and ethical approaches. Public health management and Leadership courses focuses on group interaction and methods for developing self-assessment skills and refining leadership skills. Such courses use a collaborative learning approach based on creating an environment that encourages constructive individual reflection, continual self-assessment and group interactions. The most important outcome of such courses is the designing and implementation of nurturing or developing leadership and management skills. These courses are aimed at promoting practice of public health leadership and management with a particular emphasis on the leadership by retrospectively or prospectively understanding the employees. This includes the ability to guide, influence or direct people; support to inspire confidence to achieve organisational goals; reflect and discuss on effective means of leadership and management.
The professional need to be trained to apply the fundamental project management functions of budgeting, staffing, planning, regulatory requirements, monitoring, reporting, coordinating and effective team building in public health organisations; enforce knowledge of indigenous values and global cultural diversity to public health leadership and management in complex, collaborative and intercultural settings; reflect on practice and theories in leadership and management that impact the process of decision-making in public health practice and research; accomplish authentic and creative solutions to challenges by means of managed teamwork for public health leadership and management.

Online Course in Public Health Leadership

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Executive Certificate in Public Health Leadership & Research and Master in Public Health Management for acquiring focussed knowledge related to public health leadership and management.
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