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Medical Communication Courses

A career in medical communication is rewarding for hard working and timekeeping professionals who work efficiently and effectively under pressures with great attention to details in the field of science, business and creativity.

Medical Communication

Medical communication is the development and production of scientific publications, pharmaceutical marketing and promotional medical education materials that deal with various aspects of healthcare but not as an advert or media coverage. Medical communications is instrumental in creating receptive knowledgeable environment and shaping markets for a product in healthcare sector. Medical communications uses strategic communication approach that will utilise a variety of channels to convey a consistent, clear and compelling message to support the marketing of medical or pharma product throughout the lifecycle by publication planning and editorial services; strategic communication planning; conducting scientific meetings sponsored by company, advisory boards and congress symposia; training and development programmes; disease awareness programmes; development and production of interactive media; programmes for translating clinical data to clinical practice and accrediting Continuing Medical Education. This industry usually involves network of patient groups, eminent healthcare professionals and policy makers working closely at the forefront of medical advances.

Job Opportunities in Medical Communication

The professionals in media communication industry should have minimum degree within life science in commercial team while editorial position usually requires a PhD degree. The commercial and editorial teams within the agency can have positions of Associate Medical Writer, Project Coordinator, Project Manager, Senior Medical Writer, Principal Medical Writer, Client Service Director, Editorial Director or Scientific Director. The work of medical writers includes writing, proof reading or referencing of abstract books, posters, manuscripts, review articles, promotional materials, educational or symposia slide presentations, marketing or sales information for company and website pages. Professionals need to be aware of ethical standards with communication expertise and healthcare knowledge to prepare journal articles and manuscripts for medical and scientific publications; education materials for healthcare professionals; regulatory documents for government agencies; patient education brochures, website content, news articles, books for the general public and healthcare policy documents; grant proposals for research scientists in institutions; sales training and marketing materials for medical device, pharmaceutical and other healthcare products.

Courses Available in Medical Communication

Professional medical writing courses helps and supports sponsors and authors to disclose research in peer-reviewed journals, symposia, presentations and scientific congresses in an accurate, ethical and timely manner for projecting advances in medical care. The core topics of product labelling, literature search and evaluation, handling medical inquiries and writing responses, regulatory or clinical compliance matters, understanding study designs, statistics and crisis management are covered in such courses. The online programs are easily accessible, self-paced and designed to impart skills needed by professionals for effective and efficient communication.  Online medical writing and healthcare communication training enhances medical writing skills for generating useful information or content for healthcare journals, scientific publication, newsletters, magazines, websites, marketing collaterals, patient medical education materials, proposal writing, training manuals, workshops, conferences and seminar. These courses build confidence, experience and information on market share and increase focus on mutual goals or aspirations among healthcare professionals of the industry.

Online Course in Medical Writing at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Advance PG Diploma in Clinical Research and Medical Writing for a career in medical communication.

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