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Medical tourism: A travel for health

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism: A travel for health

Medical tourism: A trip for your healthcare needs.

Basically, individuals of economically developed nations travel to developing countries with good medical infrastructure for their medical. Rather it’s a reverse concept of travelling from less developed to developed nations. A significant number of patients are known to travel to India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia for varied medical procedures, dental procedures, esthetic or facial enhancements. These places are well established destinations with modern advanced procedures with affordable prices but a caution that every individual must tread carefully after a complete research and a reliable source.

Primarily the individuals seeking this treatment are from economically moderate backgrounds trying to balance their healthcare along with other financial considerations thus opting for a low cost medical treatment in another country as well as individuals seeking treatment other than those covered by health insurance such as cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, transplants to name a few.

The advantages and disadvantages

The effect on the residents of the “destination” shortlisted is both positive and negative. The positive aspect stating that the quality of care available to the citizens is drastically improved to meet the standardization and certification criteria lay down which serve as reference point for individuals seeking offshore treatment. Another point being that due to the offshore migration of individuals for treatment, the medical organizations have reduced the rates of medical procedures in US medical facilities to stop this efflux. The medical tourism also reduces the load on domestic healthcare facilities while prioritizing the medical treatment deemed necessary by exploring offshore medical facilities.  The negative aspect is detrimental to the residents as there is division of labor and the treatment time maybe delayed as a medical tourist would take a priority over others in terms of both economic as well as time factors. Other issues being transfer of infections, particularly multidrugresistant microorganisms, associated with medical tourism as well as the possibility of contracting the endemic diseases of the country.  Lack of regulation and documentation of tourist does not give us a clear picture regarding their follow up care. Thus, there is a need for creating guidelines and standards to ensure adequate quality of care as well as safety is provided along with a beneficial opportunities  As a result there has been a growing concern for the creation of professional standards designed to protect the quality and safety of patient care and the types of business opportunities in this emerging healthcare sector.

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