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Medico-marketing Career in 2019

Medico Marketing

Medico-marketing Career in 2019

Medico-marketing or Medical Liasioning Career in 2019

Sharing Information is a powerful tool that is challenging but extremely rewarding and constitutes more expenditure on marketing than research. The emergence of new media and technologies in recent years is quickly changing the landscape of pharmaceutical or medico-marketingby use of digital channels to reach larger target audience.

Scope of Medico-marketing / Medical Liasioning

Medico-marketing or Medical Liasioning involves promotion of pharmaceutical products that includes all information and persuasive activities executed and attempted to affect the supply or purchase of medical drugs by pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. It involves adapting to continuously changing world of healthcare, educating patients, adapting to increased regulations and more sophisticated technology that requires crafted custom strategize and solutions. The approaches or plans adopted for effective marketing management determines success ofmedico-marketing which depends upon identification of a target market, formulation of goals, developing target plans to achieve goals and marketing strategy analysis for assessing the progress. The customers are classified into different groups according to the patient population, prescription behaviour and business potential to aid in the process of pharmaceutical marketing.
Advertisements and promotion of products by pharmaceutical companies are crucial for disseminating information on medicines to physicians using push stream or pull stream marketing strategies. Push stream strategy influences prescription or behaviour of decision makers and physicians by means of promotional items like drug sampling, conferences, medical meetings, journal advertising or articles. Pull stream strategy pressurizes physicians to prescribe targeting end consumers for a particular drug based on patients request. Information provided should be of high quality and accuracy without being exaggerated. Physicians prevent endangering life of the patients by avoiding exaggerated or misleading promotional information, unethicalmedico-marketingpractices and disease mongering. The regulatory authority ensures that the necessity of providing truthfulness and genuineness in product claims is delivered.

Career in Medico-marketing /Medical Affairs / Medical Science Liaison

Medico-marketing encompasses activities by medical agencies, pharmaceutical marketing teams or organizations to actualize markets for pharmaceutical products in healthcare sector. Medical and marketing representatives provides healthcare experts with a better perspective of treatment options towards illnesses with information on medication and side effects that balance between the scientific and commercial aspects of drug sales. They facilitate to continuously update health experts like physicians, pharmacists and nurses regarding the effective and safe use of medicines. The responsibilities of these professionals include developing communication with physicians; ensuring positive role of doctors towards patients and proactively promoting good practice within overall community. The representatives of pharmaceutical industry offer scientifically crafted information to doctors and caregivers that play an enhanced role in patient education in understanding the product.
The duty of prescribing physician and healthcare practitioners is to offer appropriate information to the patient or prospective drug consumer. Awareness of medicine claims can target and convince prospective customer to embrace confidence in efficacy of the products. This requires training pharmaceutical marketing or sales representatives on in-depth understanding of medical science knowledge and relationship selling techniques to enhance sale of drug formulation with confidence and make a difference in sales force effectiveness.An appropriate size of sales force is needed to sell a particular portfolio of drugs to the target audience in the market which is affected by factors such as frequency of optimal reach to each individual physician; state of patients suffering from the disease; number of devoted sales representatives to office, group practice and hospital accounts.

Online Course in Medico-marketing Medical Science Liaison Course at JLI

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