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Online MPH in Democratic Republic of Congo

Masters Public health

Online MPH in Democratic Republic of Congo

The rapidly changing global scenario in public health includes complex healthcare systems, multiple disease burdens, socio-economic challenges and political environment that demands corresponding changes in responsive public health competencies.

Public Health in Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is the second largest African countrythat faces low life expectancy and poor government expenditure. The economical, political, geographical and financial barriers have a dramatic impact on the network of physicians available in clinics and quality of healthcare system.Hospitals and clinics have insufficient skilled personnel and poor infrastructure devoid of critical medical supplies.Strengthening healthcare system is critical to improve the health of Congolese citizens that have poor access to medical care. Complaints with extreme morbidity and high mortality in general and obstetric surgical emergencies; respiratory and diarrhoeal illnesses; advanced stages of diseases; and epidemics of measles, HIV, cholera and meningitis are increasing in the country. Progressive research is essential in the areas of epidemiological investigations of emerging and re-emerging infections, disaster management, disease control and surveillance.
Measurable progress by the government and international partners in recent years has improved leadership coordination and investments to solve important health issues. The government and international collaborators need to improve the provision of quality healthcare by creating awareness of disease control programs in the community. Technical and financial assistance is necessary for the development, monitoring, implementation and evaluation of health system at provincial and local levels that increases the managerial capacity of healthcare professionals. To identify and solve health related problems in local communities using available resources that can strengthen the national health commodity supply chain systems. Increasing the availability of essential medicines and finding innovative financing models improves the health service delivery at all levels in the system. Domestic and global advancing innovation; effective health policy research; public health education and implementation of effective policies improve delivery of public health services. New emergency care initiatives have been provided to improve training of Congolese physicians in emergency medicine and medic training.

Online MPH courses

Online masters experience allows learning from peer faculty having diverse experience in healthcare sector during virtual classes and connects with established professionals for networking. The online MPH program provides access to a wide range of dedicated support services like career guidance and personalized, technical or academic assistance. This program provides skills to tackle important global health issues; contribute in development and evaluate implementation of policies at the local, national and international levels. The curriculum covers global environmental and occupational health topics of promoting safety among health workers; reducing spread of infectious diseases; analyzing social factors that contribute to public health; conducting research and collecting data; improving disease treatment and prevention across communities; developing thorough understanding of public health trends and patterns.
MPH program helps acquire skills and learn core competencies that broaden knowledge of public health practices at local, national or global level to become effective public health leaders. Public health objectives are achieved by use of marketing and communication strategic tools that influence population and environmental conditions. Assessment, management and evaluation skills are obtained to communicate research findings of implemented health promotion interventions and programs to the population.Advanced research skills can help pursue senior positions in hospitals, academic institutions, public health agencies, government or non-governmental organizations and private companies.

Online MPH Program at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Master in Public Health (MPH) for better career prospects in public health.
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