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What is the Scope of Medical Writing in India

Medical Writing

What is the Scope of Medical Writing in India

The demand of healthcare and medical writing services in India has increased on a regular basis in research organisation, hospitals, healthcare portals and education institutes.

Scope of Medical Writing

Global outsourcing of medical writing services has been on the rise over the past few decades to present scientific and clinical information in a variety of formats that communicate medical information to different audiences. The continuously increasing demand for medical writing based on clinical data published in journals along with significantly elevated number of scientific information downloads indicate rise in the number of healthcare professionals and researchers for writing standard compliant documents.

Medical writing is required for regulatory purposes and publication writing for medical communication or promotion and continuing medical education. The demands for medical writing can be met with special skills to present information clearly and concisely in well-structured documents. Medical writers possess good project management and coordination skills; knowledge of therapeutic areas and process of drug development; ability to interpret and present complex data related to pharmacology and drug safety in clinical trials; understanding of regulatory guidelines, ethical and legal issues; awareness of literature search techniques and statistical tools; strong command over English language.

Medical Writing Career in India

Medical writing  has become a lucrative field for professional writers in India. India based medical writing service providers are expected to gain significant market share with upward growth driven by urgency to have high quality documents authored to support timely drug approvals in the industry. Healthcare service providers and pharmaceutical companies look for Indian medical content writing agencies due to a number of reasons like easy availability of resources, low cost and fast turnaround time along with editing and proofreading by senior editors. Indian medical writing agencies with an advanced team of experienced medical writers available locally cater to the needs of the growing market. The competencies required are complemented by the realization of available medical writers in emerging geographies of India.

India is preferred for international clinical research outsourcing due to lower cost and infrastructure equivalents that meet the required standards. India provides promising option for outsourcing the medical writing with huge talent pool of skilled clinical research professionals in the country. The primary concern associated with lack of experience among Indian medical writers to handle complex documents requires training in journalism colleges and institutes to improve healthcare and medical writing skills. Adequate training of manuscript writers in biomedical fields can help gain regulatory writing skills to offer large pool of potential regulatory writers in India. The industry is observing an upward move for regulatory writing with evolved Indian medical writers becoming key players and members in the drug development process.

Global sponsors expect dedicated team to support requirements of medical writing for better understanding of products, standard operating procedures and processes. Problems are associated with different writing styles and interpretability; non compliance of strict quality and timeline adherence; confidentiality concern among sponsors created by outsourcing critical data and documents. Indian medical writing service providers are working towards overcoming such concerns to gradually increase global sponsors for complex and high priority documents outsourced to India. Growing number of aspiring Indian medical writers are certified as medical writing professionals on an international platform.

Online Course in Medical Writing at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online programs – Professional Diploma in Medical Writing,  Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Medical writing and Advanced PG Diploma in Scientific Writing & Medical Journalism for better job opportunities in medical writing. JLI also provides online programs in pharmacovigilance, drug regulatory affairs, quality assurance and clinical data management.

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