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Online Course in Occupational Health and Safety Management

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Online Course in Occupational Health and Safety Management

Occupational health and safety, also referred to as workplace health and safety, deals with health, safety and welfare of people at work. It aims to provide a safe and healthy work environment not only to the employees but also to co-workers, families of workers, management and consumers who might get affected by the workplace hazards. It is the primary responsibility of all organizations to ensure that the employees and others who might be indirectly affected by the organizations’ activity stay safe at all times.

Work serves not only as the main source of income and other benefits but also present a wide range of potential hazards that pose risks to the health and safety of people at work. The risks may be due to physical hazards such as falls which happen commonly in construction, extraction, transportation, healthcare and machinery industries; biological hazards such as exposure to pathogens, allergens and various infections that affect outdoor workers including farmers, landscapers and construction workers; chemical hazards that include neurotoxins, immune agents, dermatologic agents, carcinogens, reproductive toxins, systemic toxins, asthmagens, pneumoconiotic agents and sensitizers and psychosocial hazards that include job insecurity, long work hours and poor work-life balance.

In India, Directorate General of Factory Advice Service and Labour Institutes (DGFASLI), the technical arm of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of India enforces its policies to ensure the safety, health and over all well-being of the employees at workplace. Several institutes provide training in occupational safety and health. Occupation safety professionals find job opportunities as health occupation safety and health technicians, occupation safety and health specialists, occupation safety and health officers and occupation safety and health manager in various sectors.

Globally there is a huge requirement for professionals with training and education in health and safety. James Lind Institute offers a 6 month in duration Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety Management. This flagship program is conducted online and provides applicants with the desired skill set and qualifications to work in this field.

Students from more than 40 countries are already enrolled in this program.

The program can also be upgraded to a Master of Science in Health Management.

James Lind Institute’s students are employed in some of the leading global organizations such as Novartis, Cognizant, Biocon, Pfizer, Accenture, GlaxoSmithKline, GE healthcare, TCS, Dr. Reddy’s, iGate Patni, Ranbaxy, Quintiles, Thomson Reuters, Global Hospitals, TTK healthcare, Wockhardt etc to name a few.

To know more about the program please visit the following link:jli-click-here-to-know-more

Occupational Health & Safety Online Course

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