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Online Medico-Marketing Training Program

Medico-Marketing Online Training ProgramOnline Courses

Online Medico-Marketing Training Program

Online Medico-Marketing Training :- Advertisements are essential for passing on the information of drugs to doctors and are prominently used by drug manufacturers for promotion of their goods. Information printed on commercials should be not be wrong and inflated and should be apt. Commercials which overstate the advantages of drugs and fail to highlight risks associated with them, may lead to possible side effects. Medical professionals blindly following such marketing information may jeopardize life of the patients.

A thorough training in this area is a pre-requisite for the human  resource engaged directly or in directly in medico-marketing. Working professionals usually face a lot of difficulty in pursuing new courses as they work in tight timelines. Online courses are a new medium of instruction for employed professionals as well as new means to upgrade their skills without taking much time out from their busy routines. Online programs allow students to complete the course materials and tests at their own comfortable pace.

James  Lind  Institute  is  offering  online  courses  in  medico-marketing  to  meet  the  needs  of  both experienced professionals and new entrants in this exciting field. Do log on to our website to know more about these courses.

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