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Online MPH in Namibia

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Online MPH in Namibia

Government of Namibia has shown a steady progress in the field of public health by focusing and upgrading healthcare services in the population through education, prevention policies and research in disease control. Basic healthcareservices target inpatient and outpatient medical services, physician care, area emergency services, prescription drug coverage, laboratory services, pregnancy and childbirth care, mental and preventive healthservices.

Public health in Namibia

Public health is the science of ensuring public safety with a vision of building a healthy future and improving the health of Namibian population through education, research, training and community services. Collaboration of diverse resources, competencies and experiences between government, non-profit organizations, international agencies and healthcare companies can strengthen Namibias public health system to respond to key national priorities around nutrition and healthcare activities. Public health professionals in managerial positions are trained to provide expertise in hospitals, health insurance, healthcare systems and other organisations through policy development, disease prevention and control programmes in a population. Namibias healthcare workforce tackle the major public health issue by building support capacity of comprehensive prevention and strengthening strategic treatment programs in public health sector. Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services have developed and implemented an integrated comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs.
Sophisticated healthcare facilities in the country are not affordable to the poor population due to extensively complex and multifaceted causes or effects of poverty.The main challenges faced by Namibia lie in the implementation of existing plans, policies and strategies created to enable poverty alleviated environment. Addressing needs of rural areas with highest poverty and inequality levels, female-headed households, children and disabled is essential. Raising awareness of household food security programmes can tackle food insecurity and malnutrition that have a negative effect on overall child development. Ongoing corruption and mismanagement of public funds or resources required for development of the nation are serious challenges, especially for the poor. Self-sufficient programmes and projects need to be designed to decrease dependency on government and other external support; strengthen health systems to provide services at community levels; manage maternal and child health legislation; implement policies, strategic plans and budgets for maternal and child health.

Online MPH Programs

Online flexible Master of Public Health (MPH) programs are designed especially for working professionals. The standard curriculum’s of such programs are based on current trends and technologies that meet global demands. MPH is the most common degree available to those pursuing positions in the field of Biostatistics; Epidemiology; Environmental Health Science; Health Services Administration; Health Promotion in Social and Behavioural Science. Public Health Degree provides career paths to assume jobs in government, non-government and private agencies. Government or Public Services jobsinclude Health Programme Officer, Community Liaison Officer, Public and Environmental Health Practitioner in different programmes of malaria or HIV/AIDS, health promotion, education and communication, nutrition, non-communicable diseases, etc. Most Non-profit Organisation (NGO) in Namibia implement community based health programmes for malaria, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and other programmes related to social welfare of women and minority groups. Public health professionals teach in public health related degree programs of academic institutions. Private sector permanent jobs or consultants post are available at pharmaceutical and insurance companies.

Online MPH Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Master in Public Health that improves public health career opportunities.
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