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PharmD Courses, Scope & Eligibility


PharmD Courses, Scope & Eligibility

Pharmaceutical industry has tremendous scope for highly competent, talented and skilled professionals to play significant roles in government agencies, contract research organizations and biotechnology firms.

Courses in Pharmacy 

The branch of pharmacy deals with the preparation, dispensing and administration of doses followed by recognising the efficacy and safety effects of medicines. This field of science includes study of physical and chemical properties, composition or formulation of a drug, effects or interaction with biological systems and other drugs, therapeutic doses and side-effects. The diploma (D. Pharm), bachelor (B. Pharm), master (M.Pharm) and doctor in pharmacy (Pharm. D) provide career opportunities in government and private sectors. The latest professional pharmacy program of Pharm.D was strategically designed and introduced in 2008 for a career in hospital, clinical or community pharmacy. The aspirants are exposed to concepts of patient relations, variance analysis, government regulations, pharmacy law and hypothesis testing. This course like B.Pharm degree includes clinical toxicology; clinical pharmacy and pharmacokinetics; clinical research, hospital and community pharmacy; biostatistics and research methodology; drug monitoring; pharmacoeconomics, pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacotherapeutics.


James Lind Institute (JLI) offers various highly focused online training programs and updates directly from experts. The courses available under clinical sciences, medico-marketing, pharmaceutical medicine, medicine communication and journalism offered by the institute encompass data management in clinical research and pharmacovigilance & regulatory affairs, Pharmacovigilance & medical writing, quality assurance, pharmaceutical medicine, translational medicine, medical journalism, medical law and bioethics for better career opportunities. The curriculum’s are tailored by highly experienced experts of the industry based on the needs of healthcare and clinical research industry. JLI programs can help sharpen the skills of Pharm.D professionals for job opportunities in clinical research enterprises, pharmacovigilance companies and allied sectors of the pharmaceutical industry. Advanced e-campus, online discussion forums, industry experts as faculty members, Online Campus Tutoring Center (OCTC) placement assistance and career development support are distinctive features of James Lind Institute. 

Scope & Eligibility

The pharmacy sector offers lots of opportunities to aspirants with science background in public and private sector of pharmaceutical industry such as government hospitals, private medical shops and clinics. There are various openings in departments of manufacturing, production, packing, quality control and marketing within a pharmaceutical company with responsibility of conducting medication history interview, participation in ward rounds and meetings for optimizing the treatment; providing relevant and accurate information on drug related matters to the patients; prevention, identification, assessment, reporting and management of adverse drug reactions; preparation of patient information leaflets and drug related protocols; evaluation, monitoring and reviewing therapy and treatment outcomes; promotion of quality, safe and appropriate drug usage; involvement in patient medication counselling and community services.

Highly complicated modern drug discovery and development process of the pharmaceutical industry including drug isolation and formulation production, packaging and quality assurance of the finished product requires professionals with expertise in research, sales and marketing. PharmD graduates acquainted in drug delivery systems and skilled in drug treatment are actively employed by major pharmaceutical giants. Numerous career opportunities exist in pharmacoeconomics, pharmacovigilance, research and development of pharmaceutical companies; clinical research organizations; medical writing, regulatory affairs, community and geriatric pharmacy, government agencies, hospitals and academia.

Online Clinical Research Courses at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides various online courses to fulfill the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

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