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Public Health Bsc online – Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSc)

Public Health

Public Health Bsc online – Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSc)

Growing economies and developing countries spend more on public health infrastructure and services to keep pace with population needs. Rise in careers in health science  has predicted availability of millions of new jobs as per US Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Handbook, 2012. 

Bachelor of Science in Public Health (BSc)

Public health focuses on understanding the individuals, families and communities; supporting, building, promoting and protecting healthy public lifestyle. This program increases understanding of the factors that determine and help improve public health through various strategies which target social change and reduce inequalities, incorporate public policies and better housing conditions, develop new products and services, improve quality of healthcare services and local rejuvenation. The science of public health emphasizes on disease prevention, improvement in longevity of life and promotion of healthy habits through efforts and choices made by individuals, community, society, public and private organizations. Public health science deals with public health dangers existing within a population and improvement in quality of healthy life through detection and prevention of diseases, promotion of physical and mental health conditions, identification of healthy behaviours and health indicators. The field of public health involves multi-disciplinary techniques and methods related to epidemiology, biostatistics and health services.

Bachelor degree is pursued for career development or further education in public health studies. The undergraduate program of Bachelor of Science in Public Health consists of practical work, field visits, projects and internship. Online or campus based Bachelor’s degree programs provide basic understanding of public health principles related to health and disease management, ability to face existing public health challenges or issues and knowledge of competent public health policies. The BSc program imparts skills and knowledge on fundamentals of public health, epidemiology and biostatistics; basics of public health nutrition, social, behavioural and environmental health among students. Other areas of study include understanding of human anatomy and public health diseases, importance of women, child and adolescent health. The course module also includes topics of disaster management, health informatics, health communication and psychology of public health. The course curriculum allows students to gain practical exposure and internship to improve community health. Communication and life skills imparted during the course augment career development and meet industry needs. 

BSc at James Lind Institute

The online degree program of Bachelor of Science in Public Health offered by James Lind Institute, Switzerland has been developed specifically to study online in a self-paced, flexible and on-demand environment. The curriculum of Bachelor of Science in Public Health program has been designed to develop deep learning among aspirants regarding the healthy wellbeing of the population. Bachelor of Science in Public Health program has the study content delivered in online mode and mentoring done by experienced faculty and public health experts from across the globe. This program incorporates mentors and experts practicing public health to motivate and supervise pursuant towards involvement in fieldwork, academic collaborations for opportunities of original research offered by institutes, humanitarian responses in governmental and non-governmental organizations. Graduates have the opportunity to secure internships and network with various key stakeholders within global and national organizations. 

This 3-year online degree program is also offered as an integrated higher degree program in combination with Master level degree offered at James Lind Institute, Switzerland. The program aims to ensure an intense exposure on understanding the fundamentals of public health. The program targets different areas of public health like communicable and non-communicable diseases, mental and occupational health, community health, addiction control, aging, global population displacements, disaster management and pandemic response. The program curriculum in public health includes study in a multidisciplinary manner with emphasis on global health policy, mental health, social and cultural aspects of public health, community health, strategic planning, research methods and techniques of data analysis, delivery of health interventions to improve public health. The focus of the program lies on the core concepts in global health promotion, tropical medicine, communicable diseases, epidemiology, ethics and disease surveillance. Students are encouraged to assess existing health challenges in the global setting and develop strategies or interventions to effectively improve the wellbeing of populations. 

Career Opportunities

Spending on public health has continued to increase globally between 2000 and 2017, as per WHO statistics. The higher global spending on public health has continued to support the need for public health professionals and practitioners responsible for the development and deployment of global public health services and interventions. BSc program in public health imparts basic knowledge, skills and expertise to improve health outcomes through effective planning, implementation and assessment of health interventions, health disparities and inequalities at local, national and global level. The learning outcomes and comprehensive knowledge on healthcare system, functions and policies; basic understanding of local, national and global health problems and issues; insight into design, implementation and assessment of appropriate human behaviour can help reduce health inequalities. 

Public health graduates can also apply for the position of researcher to create effective strategies for specific health issues that affect communities or an educator to design and implement effective health education programs in the community. Graduates with degree in public health science acquire position of research officer, health promotion officer, wellness and lifestyle coordinator, community development or women’s health officer, public health manager or consultant, community health coordinator, health strategy officer, clinical research coordinator, infection control practitioner, city health planner, data analyst or epidemiologist to manage hospital supply in organizations, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare agencies and government sector. 


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