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MPH Dual Degree JLI
What good is the world if no people are living in it anymore? In a world where epidemics and deadly diseases are rampant, every country is working day and night to safeguard their people by introducing strict measures, initiatives, anything which would help us fight this adversity. This is where Public Health comes in. As...
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Flexible Study James Lind Institute
Flexible education programs provide aspirants a wide range of career opportunities in national and multinational companies, non-governmental and governmental organizations worldwide. James Lind Institute (JLI) Courses at the James Lind Institute provide necessary self-paced learning latitude and inculcate responsible attitude towards professional development delivered with a state of the art learning management system. JLI crosses...
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Guide for Indian Students to apply for Masters Program in Switzerland
Switzerland has the highest number of European patents registered and Nobel Prizes awarded due to the presence of internationally-renowned centers of excellence for teaching and research along with a broad range of high-quality programmes in several languages.  Masters Program in Switzerland  Highly progressive nation of Switzerland has been greatly hailed for a good education system,...
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Public Health Career Options Switzerland and Europe
Cross-disciplinary activities and multi-cultural experience of conceptual clinical work, scientific laboratory studies and practical transfer of technical expertise programmes are building blocks of success in public health system planning. High quality health system in Switzerland meets public satisfaction reflected in the highest life expectancy in Europe.  Swiss Public Health Status Switzerland has world’s major international...
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Public Health Leadership Research
Why do we need public health leaders? Leadership is one of the core components of public health. The public health leaders mobilize people, organization and communities to tackle public health challenges. Low and middle-income countries constantly face the growing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs are found responsible for 68% of all deaths worldwide and...
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MPH Preventive Oncology
Why preventive oncology? Cancer has become one the major global threats recording the highest death toll every year worldwide. It was estimated that nearly 22 million cancer cases would be reported by 2030, if it persists at the same pace. The economic impact of cancer mortality and morbidity was estimated to be $895 billion in...
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Global MPH Switzerland
Public Health professionals in Nursing, Pharmaceutical companies and Medical Research help ensure national health by disseminating information and promoting preventive treatments among the population for a healthy lifestyle. Global MPH (Masters In Public Health) Courses On-campus and online courses in Master of Public Health are designed to train students to effectively protect and improve public...
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Role of Health Economists The main job of health economists is to reduce the amount of waste related to the resources. They optimize the efficiency of the healthcare systems by practical use and distribution of the resources. They apply various theories related to production, distribution, efficiency, disparities, regulation and competition to educate healthcare organizations on...
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