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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about MASTERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH

Public Health

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about MASTERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH

Public Health is often defined as a system which works together for the common good of mankind. This can be done through various initiatives, engagements and implementations. Public Health professionals strive towards enhancing the quality of life for communities, large groups, etc. Public Health is concerned with protecting and improving the health of multiple people, especially in underdeveloped countries. Public Health professionals work in local neighbourhoods, foreign countries, smaller communities, etc to maintain the health and well- being of people. Let’s delve deeper to understand what Public Health is and also get a better understanding of other related questions.

What is the core function of Public Health? 

Public Health can be divided into three core functions –Assessment, Policy Development and Assurance. Assessment- monitors, identifies and investigates environmental health problems. Policy development works towards informing, educating and empowering communities about environmental health issues. Assessment is to ensure that affected communities have access to cost-effective care which includes health promotion and disease prevention services.

Why is it so relevant in today’s time?

It is the most relevant cause in today’s time. Very often we overlook the various problems many countries are facing. It could be as simple as clean water or vaccination. Many parts of the world don’t have an advanced healthcare system due to which multiple communities suffer for the lack of basic necessities. This is where public health professionals are working to ensure the safety and health of many individuals. Public Health is basic care which allows common diseases to be treated easily thus promoting a healthy environment. If a community has an effective public health system, common diseases such as flu, skin infections, etc can be treated easily. Communities have easy access to regular check-ups, vaccinations, simple treatments and various other medical privileges which we at times take for granted, staying in a metro city.

What is the role of a Public Health Professional?

A profession in public health is quite diverse and roles vary as per the responsibilities. On a larger level, Public Health professionals work towards collecting data, evaluating trends, researching numerous issues, investigating health problems and utilizing the information to collectively increase life expectancy. Public Health services encourage community partnerships to resolve health issues, implement laws and regulations to secure health and safety, formulate policies to support individual and community health efforts, Research new insights and solutions to health problems, identify and investigate health issues and health hazards within communities, ensure an effective public health system and workforce, amongst various other roles.

What does the course include?

The Masters in Public Health program has been conceptualized by field experts. The comprehensive curriculum will help you understand the various principles of Public Health with applied public health fundamentals. The online MPH program will emphasize on practical aspects of solving public health challenges and also focus on skill-building activities which will prepare the students to utilize them once they step into the real world. The structure of the 18-month long program will include important elements like epidemiology, biostatistics, nutrition, environmental health, health economics, global health security, etc concluding with a project and detailed report which will be guided by a faculty and mentor.

Why pursue the course through James Lind Institute?

The Masters in Public Health program has been thoughtfully designed and conceptualized by field experts who have been serving as Public Health professionals under various roles. Every course demonstrates applied public health fundamentals which strengthen the learning foundation of every student. The faculty elaborates various topics with the help of case studies, relevant material, etc for better understanding. All coursework, projects and reports are guided and assisted by the faculty and mentor.  

What is the dual degree program?

The dual degree program (MSc/MPH) enables a student to earn a Master’s degree in Public Health via the Master of Science in Public Health Management Program from International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy and a specialized MPH from James Lind Institute. It’s a well-thought program which benefits new aspirants, current public health professionals or students who are aspiring to work within the health sector. The Masters in Public Health program continues for upto 18 months, further to which the Master of Science in Public Health program continues for an additional 36 weeks. The available MPH specializations are Tropical Medicine, Maternal and Child Health, Disaster Management, Infectious Diseases, Health Economics and Policy, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Nutrition and Dietetics and Public Health Leadership

What are the career prospects of a Public Health Professional?

From working as a Public Health analyst to an epidemiologist, several opportunities await a public health aspirant. Private, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, local health departments, institutions are few of the sectors which are continuously on the lookout for public health graduates. With ineffective public health systems still prevalent in various parts of the country due to limited workforce, Public Health has become a growing field with a huge demand for skilled professionals. Moreover, Public Health is not limited to a number of roles; one can venture into various capacities depending upon their interests and skills required. 

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