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Public Health Informatics

Healthcare system primarily has a need for health promotion and disease prevention which can only be achieved via information as promoting health by increasing the awareness has resulted in comparative reduction of age of mortality however the scope for further exploration is like studying the tip of the iceberg for now. This is where individuals with knowledge and technical skills of information technology as well as medicine can play a role in uplifting the public health sector.
Healthcare system survives on information. Information needs to be accurate, relevant and from a verified source. Health professionals are able to communicate with each other at a global level sitting at their centers via computerized information and surveillance systems however each day we come across new advancements and potential to do more than required in the healthcare industry. The information sector is categorized in Public Health informatics

What Is Public Health Informatics?

Public health informatics is primarily a sector which utilizes computer application and information technology for the field of medical research, public health promotion and essentially as a learning tool. Thus coalition of health information from various disciplines such as microbiology, pathology, toxicology and even the non medical fields such as management, political science sector, and engineering domains contributes as a data bank as public health informatics is not just compiling information but also plays an active role in restructuring information systems that may no longer be practical or of usage so that the data acquired can be used for a new surveillance task. Information derived could be utilized for identifying risk factors of disease as electronic data has made the task much easier. The primary concern for public health informatics is and remains to be to promote health to the community at large and find ways and measure to prevent disease by finding the factors or conditions that put populations at risk.
It can be broadly classified into two sectors Medical informatics and consumer health informatics. Medical informatics deals primarily with physicians, healthcare professionals to keep them updated with respect to medicine for learning or even as an entrepreneur. When it is in regards to reaching out to a consumer for information in terms of health promotion, education, health literacy it is the consumer health informatics which plays a keen role. Thus the social media is one of the key factors which plays a role in todays times for consumer mediated information and is paving both a new pathway and building new challenges.

Online Courses in Public Health

The online courses offered at JLI boost skills as a public health practitioner. The online courses offered are: Advanced PG Diploma in Public Health, Global Health, Tropical Medicine, Reproductive Health and Occupational Health.

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