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Public Health Jobs in Nigeria

Public Health

Public Health Jobs in Nigeria

The discipline of Public Health is enormous that provides safe and planned medical care to the population of Nigeria. Nigeria has huge burden of diseases like Malaria, HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis and other public health challenges like teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, unsafe abortion, etc. Public health is one of the broadest and dynamic top paying professions in the medical sector of Nigeria. Government agencies, non-governmental organisations and various developing partners are involved in different public health activities. These agencies and organisations require experts in education, nutrition, environment, economic development, technology, research and communication.

Public Health courses

Public health schools offer different degree courses and training programs that help individuals in obtaining better and lucrative job opportunities. A two-year associate degree in public health provides foundational information and support towards worker goals, public legalities and helps face various challenges in this field. A bachelor or master degree with specializations in epidemiology, biostatistics, community health, behavioural health or health communications ensures entry level and administrative roles in public health.
Public health courses and training programs open doors to a wide variety of settings including education related roles in public health; government career path in public health department or administration, disaster preparedness and nursing; public health consultant or employee for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations or insurance companies;and non-profit public health roles.

Public health jobs

Public health jobs are found in private industries and government organizations depending on the variety of skills and degree of an individual. Remuneration for public health jobs depends on individuals skill set and education. Top career in public health includes health and safety engineer, healthcare administrator, environmental scientists, epidemiologist and biostatistician.
Healtheducators develop, implement strategies and convey information on behaviour that promotes wellness and improves publichealth. Communityhealth workers are involved in the collection of data and discussion ofhealthconcerns with members of specific populations. Public health workers acquire knowledge and abilities to ensure that the communities and general public have a healthy productive lifestyle. Public health doctors and nurses provide quality medical care to the general public. Other positions available in public health are HIV Specialist, Tropical Disease Expert, Management Policy Advisor, Public Health Lawyer or Dentist and Medical Director.
Public healthprofessionals evaluate, manage programs and address widespreadhealththreats. The professionals handling public health initiatives address broadissuesthat affect the health of individuals, families, populations, communities and societies. Prevention of diseases and promotion of healthy lifestyle is the common goal of public health professionals in academic, research and healthcare institutes; community based organizations; government agencies andnon-profit foundations. They identify, diagnose and investigate community based health problems and hazards;, inform and educate people on health issues; monitor health status to develop community health efforts, policies and plans; mobilize partnerships in community to solve health problems; ensure competent public health by evaluating accessibility and quality of personal and population based health services; assure provisions and effectiveness of health services; promote research and innovate new insights or solutions to health problems; enforce health and safety laws and regulations.

Online Course in Public health (MPH)

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Masters in Public Health (MPH) helps professionals pursue better career opportunities in public health practice. JLi also provides programs in other allied disciplines like tropical medicine, global health, environmental health, occupational health and safety management, public health leadership, infectious diseases, clinical research, pharmacovigilance, medical and scientific writing, clinical data management, medical journalism, nutrition and dietetics and many more.
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