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Public Health Leadership: A way Forward

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Public Health Leadership: A way Forward

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Leadership is the guide which makes sure that the work system is in order. Developing countries lack the right leadership to steer the healthcare system adequately towards a healthy and efficient podium. The recent outbreak of ebola is nothing but a consequence of a weak link primarily focusing on the characteristic role of a leader.

Ebola outbreak could have been under control and better managed had the right leaders been present. So it is rightly stated that the missing ingredient in the healthcare system is leadership qualities. So it is of paramount importance that instead of just knowing about a healthcare system it is important that individuals have the right skills, qualities to act efficiently and wisely in the time of need and inspire other individuals to work towards common good. Leaders are at each level; not the only ones who are visible but also those who work at Local, regional, and global levels to improve health outcomes in various strata of the society. It’s not just a subject to be taught but rather to enhance and hone an individuals skills and leadership qualities to bring about a better change in the healthcare system so that we can manage disasters at a local level before they reach a global scale. It’s not only an involvement with policies of government sectors but also private hospitals, NGOs and various medical organizations which are an opportunity for a change and bringing about new initiatives.
Why Public health leadership is important is primarily because we have very few shining examples of individuals who have made the difference but more examples of individuals who in-spite of resources and position complicated simple situations. We need health leaders to implement innovative approaches that greatly enhance and impact the healthcare system for the benefit of society in general and not as a solitary or a momentary gain inspite of the lack of human resources, insufficient funds, and poor infrastructure.

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James Lind institute provides an opportunity for clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals and others with a life science background to look for a sound purposeful career in the public health sector by providing online courses which are tailored to meet the needs of the evolving healthcare systems worldwide. Mentors from the industry provide you with the best of knowledge and hands on experience to propel your career forward into various sectors of public health industry. Key feature is to enhance leadership qualities in every sphere as that will propel an individual forward.

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