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Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

Our Awareness about Sexual and Reproductive Rights

“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed” so stated Thich Nhat Hanh. Sexuality and reproduction are vital aspects of personal identity and are fundamental to human wellbeing. However, the awareness seems to be limited in developing countries in regards to sexual and reproductive health rights due to lack of trainers and trained individuals imparting knowledge to various strata of the society.

Sexual and reproductive education is considered a Taboo and very few individuals openly discuss it. Even at home parents find it awkward to discuss sexual health, as a result, it is considered a stigma in the society. The vast majority of youngsters find it comfortable discussing issues on sexual health with either their teachers or parents.  However, they are reported to have very limited knowledge on the subject matter unlike personnel’s who have been trained to impart sexual and reproductive health training to reach and meet the diverse needs of the different groups of young people with varied approaches and understanding. In particular, projects should focus on promoting school and curriculum based delivery of sex education, while actively promoting peer led community based education and improving the youth friendliness of health service delivery points to meet the needs of young people.

The Disappointments:

Media though is slowly and steadily playing its part by imparting knowledge that every child irrespective of gender is wanted, every child-birth is safe and every individual is treated with dignity and has access to safe, affordable methods of fertility regulation.
Though India is one of the world’s first nations to launch a family planning programme even decades later, the policies though in place but statistics show a different picture. It has high unwanted fertility, high maternal morbidity, and sexually transmitted infections apart from policies which are not reaching the masses.
Promotion of reproductive and sexual rights has to be incorporated in various diverse ways in ethnicities of different social background to empower the light within.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Course :

James Lind Institute provides an opportunity for clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals, life science graduates etc., looking to learn about sexual and reproductive health and further work towards upliftment of sexual and reproductive health standards in their society by taking up employment or volunteering. Apart from governmental organizations, research based companies and international public health agencies, NGOs and voluntary organizations are always looking for individuals ready to empower the light within folks who are unaware of their legal legitimate rights.

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