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Maternal and Child Health – Africa

maternal child health africa

Maternal and Child Health – Africa

Maternal and Child Health Scenario

“Progress: You might not be where you want to be, but you are not where you used to be”. We always hear about deplorable conditions about medical aid, health, reviews, infrastructure from the African continent but at the same time there has been a slow and steady progress towards betterment. There has been a steep reduction in maternal morbidity as compared to a decade earlier.

However, reducing infant mortality has posed a problem in many countries due to lack of infrastructure and primarily due to lack of adequate nutrition. Inadequate nutrition has a symbiotic relation with infectious diseases contributing to large number of infant mortality.    Africa is known to have shown an increase in number of stunted children in the last decade. We are aware of the reasons/causes for infant or maternal morbidity but the treatment is neither adequate nor up to the standard that it can cater to the masses. Saving the newborns is an imperative step that needs to be taken as a priority and urgency. Insufficient funds and trained staff are a few of the hurdles faced. It has to be borne in mind that high infant and maternal mortality has repercussion at the larger economic front resulting in slow economic growth and global productivity losses.

Answer Key to the Challenges of Maternal and Child Health

     Health care workers at all community level facilities must be adequately trained and equipped with supplies to perform life-saving procedures. Maternal and Child health certified individuals are like a needle in a haystack resulting in an incomplete infrastructure in terms of personnel.   Government and NGOs must also prioritize multi-sector efforts to improve the nutritional status and life chances of women and children. Thus it’s a moment of action and challenges to be met and cleared. Most important of all being creating an awareness of issues and enlightening the seed of knowledge so that individual seeks the best for their own self.

Maternal and child health Training

James Lind Institute provides an opportunity for clinicians, nurses, allied health professionals, public health workers and graduates looking to supplement their knowledge requirements to serve their community for the upliftment of maternal and child health services. By attending the Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Maternal and Child Health you will attain a level of knowledge to efficiently contribute towards local, regional and international goals in the arena.

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