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Training requirements for nursing staff in Nigeria

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Training requirements for nursing staff in Nigeria

Training requirements for nursing staff in Nigeria :- The delivery of much valued healthcare management services is dependent on ever growing group of well qualified and informed health care professionals. As people are definitive assets for the organization, the up gradation of this asset is imperative for the sustained health and success of the institutions. The training needs estimation is a significant activity for the training and development function. Keeping this as a backdrop the paper is wished-for to estimate study training requirements identification of nursing personnel in Health care units in Nigeria. The study was carried out in the form of a survey comprising of 110 nursing staff and 30 DMOs by means of well structured data collection forms. The conclusion of the study uncovered that the training requirement gap is realistically more for willingness in learning followed by clinical expertise and Team Spirit. The training gap analysis exposed that it is minimal for communication, followed by planning & organizing the expertise. There should not be any shot falls in the quality of services to be provided to the patients as the healthcare  management organizations often engage in handling the precious life of the people and the necessity for highly knowledgeable professionals in health care segment can hardly be neglected.

This paper intends to highlight an outline of the perception of training needs analysis (TNA), present practice, models and the influence that training needs analysis currently has on nurses in civic healthcare units in Nigeria. Thus, the paper should aid future research efforts in the area of TNA of nurses in the course of aiding researchers to expound the conceptual boundaries of training needs of nurses; providing a imaginary framework that could help researchers in outlining their research activities in the area; and discovering a research agenda and realizing the impact this research will in fact have on Human Resource managers in hospitals present across Nigeria.

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