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A Career in Medical Writing – Does It Suit You?

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A Career in Medical Writing – Does It Suit You?

A Career in Medical Writing :- Medical writers who can generate high value work to tight time lines are presently in immense demand. Conventionally many different professionals within research and marketing divisions wrote the manuscripts that are now being prepared by medical writers. For instance, a Clinical Research Associate was time and again expected to write, not just the clinical trial protocol, but also the investigator brochure, clinical study report and document for publication. This regularly intended that preparation of at least few of these documents was given low precedence, because of more imperative tasks relating to clinical trials conduct.

In the current highly competitive pharmaceutical business, novel drugs must be permitted quickly by the regulatory authorities and marketed successfully. As a result, drug development must be target oriented and competent, and marketing approach and promotional materials must be in put place at the earliest. This is where a medical writer can tender a valuable service by preparing high quality documents to specified deadlines at the same time liberating other professionals to focus on other aspects of the job.

What do Medical Writers Write?    
The manuscripts that a medical writer may possibly be asked to prepare can be broadly divided into two categories – ‘Regulatory’ and ‘Marketing / Other’. ‘Regulatory’ documents/papers are those that are submitted to, or accomplish the necessities of, regulatory authorities at various phases of drug development. ‘Marketing/Other’ documents/papers are those that are helpful for marketing or broader purposes. Examples of the documents that belong to these groups are listed below:

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