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Complete Guide for Indian Students to apply for MPH (Master of Public Health) in Switzerland

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Complete Guide for Indian Students to apply for MPH (Master of Public Health) in Switzerland

Switzerland has the highest number of European patents registered and Nobel Prizes awarded due to the presence of internationally-renowned centers of excellence for teaching and research along with a broad range of high-quality programmes in several languages. 

MPH – Masters In Public Health Program in Switzerland 

Highly progressive nation of Switzerland has been greatly hailed for a good education system, educational reforms and strategies imperative for the increase in innovative wealth. Public institutions fund the Swiss universities and invest in research which is responsible for the highest number of patents registered among all the European countries. The country boasts the maximum number of Nobel Prize laureates providing the best option for the students aspiring to study abroad. The teaching and administrative facilities which offer high-class quality learning opportunities are at par with the international standards. Switzerland has three official languages of German, French and Italian but most universities offer a wide range of programmes in English

The three main categories of institutes for higher education in Switzerland include research-led cantonal universities and federal institutes of technology; professionally-oriented universities of applied sciences and universities for teacher education. Cantonal universities and federal institutes of technology in Switzerland offer master’s programs in a wide range of fields. The Swiss government is committed to higher education with provisions for a range of funding sources at federal and regional levels which increases accessibility to master’s programmes. 

The educational system and programs are designed for a variety of areas and cutting-edge research and technology attracting overseas students. The excellent Swiss education system offers graduation degrees, postgraduate and doctorate in various subjects to attract foreign citizens every year. The high proportion of foreign students pursuing education and teaching staff attests to research opportunities in a vibrant, dynamic and multicultural environment. The important role played by the foreigners in business development, research and innovation is the main resource behind the growth of research and knowledge in Switzerland. 

Scope for Indian Students to apply for Public Health Masters Program in Switzerland

Swiss master’s degree is associated with a globally renowned and high-quality academic system. The prerequisite for a Swiss master’s degree is a successfully completed bachelor’s level programme in relevant discipline. The main difference between the Swiss and the Indian education systems is the fact that master’s programmes are consecutive postgraduate programmes which allows future master’s programs in the same or in a similar major as the bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in Switzerland offered to students by public universities are available at low cost.  Language requirements depend on the teaching arrangements of the course and information on the recognition and certification of foreign qualifications can be obtained from the Swiss branch of ENIC-NARIC (the European Commission’s National Academic Recognition Information Centers).

Good infrastructure and amiable culture has made Switzerland an education destination with individual universities offering funding to international postgraduate students. Switzerland’s education system is highly focused on research that provides a variety of options with scholarship opportunities. Masters degree in Switzerland is equipped with a range of scholarships and support packages which are available to international students. Swiss government, based on reciprocal agreements with the other countries, runs a scholarship scheme for foreign students. Different immigration procedures and health insurance apply to students depending on the nationality. Additional European language skills will substantially enhance employability in international business contexts.

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