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Public health Career options in Switzerland and Europe

Public Health

Public health Career options in Switzerland and Europe

Cross-disciplinary activities and multi-cultural experience of conceptual clinical work, scientific laboratory studies and practical transfer of technical expertise programmes are building blocks of success in public health system planning. High quality health system in Switzerland meets public satisfaction reflected in the highest life expectancy in Europe. 

Swiss Public Health Status

Switzerland has world’s major international organizations, including the Red cross, United nation, World Health Organization (WHO) that target areas of quality and safety of pharmaceuticals and medical devices; control infectious diseases; improve food safety and health promotion, finances, research and training within the health system. Good housing conditions, high-quality education system and low rates of unemployment contribute to a healthy and favourable life in Switzerland. Hospitals are mostly publicly owned and managed or run by a non-profit organization, but few are privately owned. Switzerland has the best medical imaging technologies and relatively strong number of physicians and nurses, dentists, pharmacists and midwives in Europe. There is a high reliance on foreign-trained health workers, health professionals and active physicians in Switzerland that hold a degree from a foreign medical university. 

Building, supporting and enhancing skill through better education of the public health workforce is part of the effort to ensure an efficient and effective health system. The recent efforts made to expand national training capacities can reduce the reliance on foreign health professionals because importing experts from abroad is often problematic. Coordination and promotion of postgraduate education programs, supporting quality assurance mechanisms and integrated approaches among individuals working in the health system can help develop an interdisciplinary workforce with public health knowledge, skills and competencies to meet health needs of Swiss population. 

Public Health Programs at JLI Swiss

JLI offers a Master of Science in Public Health Management (MPH) and Health Management degrees which provides knowledge and skills essential for Public Health professionals and aspirants, working or aspiring to work within the health sector. Several specialized MPH programs provide unique opportunities in the field of Maternal and Child Health; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Nutrition and Dietetics; Public Health Leadership; Disaster Management; Health Economics and Policy; Preventive Oncology.

Career Options

Public health degree opens gates to influential and high-paying roles of Health Educator or Officer, Epidemiologist, Dietician and Nutritionist, Environmental Scientist or Health Specialist, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist, Disease Investigator, Public Health Educator or Information Officer, Public Health Analyst and Policy Coordinator, Research Analyst and Community Health Worker in private or public hospitals, healthcare institutions or private companies. 

The knowledge and skills imparted in public health programs are helpful for 

  1. Statisticians to collect and analyze, design surveys or test studies, detect successful drugs or interventions; 
  2. Epidemiologists to reduce negative health outcomes of diseases through implementation of health policies, research and community education; 
  3. Sociologists to formulate or study policies which solve public health issues; 
  4. Social and community service managers to supervise and coordinate programs in community or social service organizations that concentrate on sorting public health issues; 
  5. Emergency management directors to ensure appropriate natural emergency and disaster response; 
  6. Food and nutrition experts as dieticians and nutritionists to promote healthy lifestyle through dietary reforms; 
  7. Health educators to implement developed strategies which improve public health by promotion of healthy behaviours; 
  8. Community health workers, occupational health and safety technicians to collect data related to safety and health concerns.

These positions include responsibilities in research at universities or health institutions; policy planning and management in health departments; health advocacy or policy planning within national and international non-government organisations. 

Online Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides online programs to improve global career options in public health. 

For more information please visit:  JLI School of Public Health Science

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