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Challenges and Opportunities in HealthCare Management

Healthcare Management

Challenges and Opportunities in HealthCare Management

Healthcare management can be defined as the way of managing how healthcare should be delivered. This includes overseeing public and private health systems, hospital networks and medical facilities. The primary responsibility of healthcare managers includes ensuring efficient running of all departments in a healthcare organization. Hiring and management of proficient resources, knowledge transfer across various departments of the organization are among other responsibilities of the healthcare managers. In short, they take care of the overall implementation of healthcare at all levels of the system. It’s noteworthy that the healthcare professionals are not just confined to the administration and management but also acquainted with healthcare laws, regulations, technology and overall operations of an organization that includes policy analysis and marketing.


Rising costs, changing demographics, shortage of clinicians globally, quality of care and transparency in practices, access to healthcare services and patient centricity are considered major challenges that impact healthcare industry today. In order to cater the needs of the patients and meet the growing demand, a majority of healthcare units are making patients the nucleus of the system. With the advancement of technology, patients are provided with a better knowledge of their practitioners, treatments, and procedures thus making them the highest stakeholders. The patient driven model of healthcare system requires coordination of all providers and hence requires manpower to manage the care through time.


Healthcare management is among the top 20 fastest growing occupations and currently, there are nearly 300,000 people employed in the industry. It is estimated that the employment would rise at a rate of 16 percent by 2020. There is a bright scope for individuals who wish to pursue a career in the healthcare management. Except for those who wish to open their own nursing homes, hospitals and healthcare facilities, most healthcare managers do not need a license.

How to make a Career in Healthcare Management

There are bachelor’s and master’s degree programs being offered in various business schools and research institutes. In order to attain expertise and meet the expectations of hiring authorities, healthcare managers opt to pursue a focused training program. They subsequently gain eligibility to become teaching staff at colleges and research institutes. James Lind Institute provides various programs in healthcare management to make trained workforce available for providing improvised healthcare. The following programs are included in this category:

Technologically advanced e-campus of James Lind Institute (JLI) acts as a contemporary substitute for standard classroom programs. In addition, they offer personalized activities through an Online Campus Tutoring Centre, mock drills, tutoring and freelancing opportunities.
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