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Clinical research assistant training

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Clinical research assistant training

Clinical research assistants are the key personnel for improving drugs and health care devices. These professionals have the ability to interpret vast amounts of clinical or medical data in order to divulge the information to the research staff and drug developers who fine tune the products to make certain the patient’s safety.

Clinical research assistants examine the complete process of drug testing, which includes developing the drug or device, consisting of animal studies and other pre-clinical phases where toxicity and drug efficiency are studied critically. They also assist the staff involved in clinical trial conduct where ever necessary.
In general there are three fundamental kinds of clinical research assistants. The first kind is central to pharmacological unit assistant, who is responsible in monitoring the subjects of a study. The second category is lab testing assistants, who help to develop and organize changes in the drug or medical device to enhance safety. The third type being quality assurance assistants who report directly to the regulatory authorities that concerns the methodology employed to test the drug or device.
Whatever be the role of a research assistant, the job requires highly informed and skilled personnel as they act as an information source to all the stakeholders in research. The research assistants job is precise, thus proper training after graduate studies will impart necessary information and expertise to make them ready for the industry. James Lind Institute offers self paced online courses from basic clinical research to quality assurance which covers end-to-end activities in clinical research. Do log on to to select a course of your  choice,
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