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Clinical Trial Coordinator Career

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Clinical Trial Coordinator Career

Clinical Trial Coordinator Career :-The Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) also known as Clinical Trial Coordinator is a focused research personnel associated with and working under the supervision of a Principal Investigator (PI).  While the Principal Investigator is principally accountable for the overall administration of the clinical study, the CRC facilitates, supports, and manages the daily activities relating to clinical trial and plays a key role in the accomplishment of the undergoing clinical trials.

 By performing these tasks, the CRC will closely work with the PI, allied departments, institution and sponsor to support and give guidance on the implementation of the compliance with ICH-GCP and other related issues of the clinical trial.

Presently projected at USD 500 million, India’s clinical research market is expected to double and surpass USD one billion by 2016 motivated by constructive factors like varied and available population, accessibility of low cost and efficient resources. As the number of clinical projects increase, so does the need for manpower. A large number of trained, skilled and qualified clinical trial coordinators will be required to tackle the industry needs.

The ICH-GCP highlights well trained professionals are to be engaged in clinical research and training is a definitive factor which will decide the career prospects as a whole. James Lind Institute is a promising partner in your career endeavors and will sharpen your abilities to comprehend any complex task in this contour.

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