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Healthcare Management Institutes in Amman

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Healthcare Management Institutes in Amman

Jordan has a superior health care system, while services remain extremely intense in Amman. The Ministry of Health is the sole institution financer and facilitator of health care services in Jordan. The private sector plays a key role in terms of both the economics and extension of services.

The need for meticulous appraisal and sufficient management training of the current state of human resources development is highlighting need for efficient management of healthcare units. Lack of adequate coordination between the public sector and the increasingly significant private sector and the lack of effective systems for monitoring and auditing clinical practice are alleviating the need for trained healthcare managers.

In order to see the Healthcare Initiative to extend the reach of medical providers, increasing patient access to quality healthcare, and improving communication and follow-up care, competent well informed healthcare managers must be in place to look after the financial, accounting, human resource and global regulatory aspects efficiently. Healthcare management training by both public and private players is inadequate to meet the growing demands of Amman’s ever growing medical tourism sector.

In this e-health era, a flexible online training in healthcare is provided by the James Lind Institute which can help transform a novice into a well placed healthcare professional.

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