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Healthcare management training in Belize

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Healthcare management training in Belize

Belize has a diverse health care system, with both private and public healthcare facilities and medical insurance available. The majority of healthcare professionals serving in Belize were educated abroad, including a major portion of civilians’ volunteer physicians from Cuba thus highlighting the need for Healthcare management training in Belize.

The Belize health care sector matches up to other Central American nations. Though, it doesn’t match European or North American standards, and the distribution of physicians is one of the lowest in the geographical region. While doctors are thoroughly trained and skilled, healthcare centres are often beleaguered by shortages of skilled staff, paraphernalia and medical supplies, and healthcare is disproportionately distributed with more than half of all healthcare professionals are in the Belize city.

A major reorganization of the healthcare sector, including reform of services, infrastructure expansion and financing is presently in progress which is intended to develop the competence, equality and quality of healthcare services and to endorse improved lifestyles. Ministry of Health Administrative Division Plan for 2011 stressed on human resource development by develop training package for regional healthcare management teams and for ministry of health administrative staff and shouldered the responsibility of implementation of training packages. The need for Healthcare management courses in Belize is visibly prominent and to have well organized healthcare units requires professional trained staff.

James Lind Institute’s advanced and professional diploma programs will meet the needs of Healthcare management training in Belize. The curriculum will introduce you to all aspects of healthcare management in global perspective.

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