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How to Earn Money as a Public Speaking Expert

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How to Earn Money as a Public Speaking Expert

Public speaking is not necessarily everyone’s favorite thing to do. Some people are terrified of the prospect. Some, however, don’t mind the idea of getting up in front of hundreds of strangers to tell them all about their wonderful new thing. There are actually those who make their living doing a public speaking circuit.They travel from place to place, convention to convention, explaining the benefits of a product or lifestyle that has improved their experience. There are two ways to get paid doing this kind of work: The first way is to get hired by the organizer who will then pay you a fee to speak at their event. The second is to speak for free, but sell your product at the back of the room/after the show. Understandably, it is much easier to get a gig if you speak for free and sell a product. The organizer then does not have to pay you. All you have to do is find an event that is willing to promote what it is you’re selling. You could have a training program about how to change your life through meditation or thought management or lifestyle changes. You could promote a product or program that improves your health and discuss how it has made your life better. When the audience sees how it has positively impacted your life they will want to buy your product to achieve the same results. There is a resource called Speaker Match, that lists hundreds of places looking for someone to speak at their events. You get connected with the organizer of the event and find out exactly what they are looking for and see if you can provide what they need. Usually, to get hired to speak for a fee you will have to be proven to be an expert in your field and then will have to do some aggressive marketing to create an audience for your presentation. If you are new to the speaker’s circuit then you will have to build a reputation before people will come to see you based on your name alone. If either of these scenarios appeals to you then get studying. Become an expert on a topic that interests you and find your product. You can create a product or training program, or you can find one that already exists and put it to work in your life so you can then speak at conventions to hundreds of others who will benefit from the same experience. This is also good for those who are interested in Joint Venture programs. If you know someone who has a product or is developing one, you can work together to market it through your public speaking engagements. The people who hire expert speakers are:

  • Independent meeting planners Corporate meeting planners Trade associations Not for profit organizations, educator’s organizations and charities Network marketing and direct sales organizations Training companies Event planners And many other type of organizers
  • If public speaking doesn’t scare the dickens out of you and you think you would like to make a living at it, get in touch with the people at Speak Match and see what is available and then see what you have to offer. You never know until you try.
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