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Masters in public health(MPH) distance learning

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Masters in public health(MPH) distance learning

With everything changing around us thanks to technology, educational systems have adopted the medium to reach out to a larger number of people who are yearning to learn something new. Gone are the days when we had to travel the distance to attend classes. By virtue of the internet, today we can take up a new course or earn a degree, simply from the comforts of our home. James Lind Institute, Switzerland, offers an array of courses and academic programs which include study material, mentor support, amongst many other facilities which students can avail.  

Out of the many distance learning programs offered at James Lind Institute, the Masters in Public Health is one such program that is getting a lot of traction in the current times. Amidst epidemics, health issues and many unpredictable concerns, a great demand has generated for Public Health professionals. The Masters in Public Health course (MPH) at JLI is for anyone interested in developing their skills and knowledge, or someone who is contemplating a career in Public Health.

What does the MPH program offer?

The Master’s in Public Health program is a well thought through program that has been curated by experts to help train students to effectively track and monitor health trends and promote community health amongst various other functions. The online program gives an overview of what Public Health is, its principles and how local, national and international health issues differ in perspective. The distant learning program also delves deeper into multiple topics like community medicine, epidemiology, health planning and hospital management, Immunization and many others which further help the student gain insight into multiple areas which fall under Public Health. Students generally take 2-3 weeks to finish the comprehensive, online course followed by coursework as well as a project which is overseen by a faculty and mentor. The distance learning program fully equips the student to tackle situations and overcome challenges related to various aspects of public health.  

Eligibility for a prospective students

Students considering an MPH degree at James Lind Institute, Switzerland are expected to have a Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent recognized academic title in areas that are determined by JLI and can help secure the entry criteria to pursue the given program. In the absence of a Bachelor’s Degree, JLI accounts for three years of experience in a noteworthy role. Moreover, students who don’t have a High School diploma or who aren’t native English speakers will have to provide evidence of proficiency through IELTS 6.0+, PET 50+, and TOEFL 550+.

What are my career prospects?

A master’s degree in Public Health opens the way for a wide range of opportunities based on your interests. Public Health jobs are not only limited to government agencies instead private and non-profit agencies hire MPH degree holders for various job roles. If your dedication towards helping people has got you this far then you’re just a few steps away from achieving your goal. Students can opt for various roles ranging from a healthcare administrator, Epidemiologist, health and safety engineer to a public health educator, to name a few. Public Health professionals work for the common good of mankind. Vaccination programs, family planning, eradication or controlling of communicable diseases are few of the initiatives which have been carried out for the welfare of communities all around the globe. If you see yourself as being part of such noteworthy services, then Masters in Public Health could be the best way to achieve your goal. 

Future of Public Health

Public Health professionals strive to make the quality of life better for billions of people. In the past few decades, numerous health programs like immunization, infection control, health education have been implemented across communities. The core job of a Public Health professional is to focus on disease prevention and health promotion. Seeing a rise in potential pandemics, air and water pollution, environmental disasters and several critical issues at hand, employment of public health professionals is expected to grow significantly. Many sectors are witnessing a shortage in workers which is further hampering the implementation of various programs. Therefore, collective measures need to be taken to tackle emerging health issues, medical conditions and many other issues which lie before us. 


With the growing needs of communities and populations, the role of a public health professional becomes all the more important. Since public health is a very large field and there’s quite a demand for professionals, one has the advantage to grow through their careers as you gain year on year. The MPH program at James Lind Institute (JLI) hones your public health skills with relevant study material and a thought-provoking project which gives you sufficient field experience. By the end of the online program, you will be ready to help communities around the world through research, awareness, formulate policies and various such tasks which will enhance the quality of life and make a difference in the community.

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