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Dual Degree: Master’s in Public Health & Specializations at JLI Switzerland

Public Health

Dual Degree: Master’s in Public Health & Specializations at JLI Switzerland

What good is the world if no people are living in it anymore? In a world where epidemics and deadly diseases are rampant, every country is working day and night to safeguard their people by introducing strict measures, initiatives, anything which would help us fight this adversity. This is where Public Health comes in. As per C-E. A. Winslow, an American bacteriologist and public health expert, Public Health is “the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private communities, and individuals.” These roles are not important unless a crisis or an epidemic hits us. However, public health professionals work behind the scenes on numerous initiatives like disease prevention, disaster relief, child welfare and many more domains only to keep communities healthy. 

Why is Public Health so important?

Public Health is about working towards the greater good of mankind. Many communities around the world are inflicted with various ailments which need a treatment strategy and a combined approach to manage and prevent them. Considering this, it’s easy to understand the importance of Public Health and the individuals working for the cause. If the ailment magnifies, it only affects a larger part of the community, becoming a concern for the state. Public Health Professionals work towards diagnosing and investigating the health problems to treat and eradicate them completely. Irrespective of having access to medical facilities which we are so accustomed to living in metro cities, the Public Health system allows the underprivileged to avail medicines and services which they can’t afford easily. 

Why should you study Public Health?

Having understood what Public Health is and what it entails, it’s easy to evaluate if you feel encouraged to pursue it further and take it up as a career. The main reason for considering this role would be because of your desire to help others and make a difference in the life of others. With millions of people around the globe in need of proper healthcare, clean water, quality education and less Public Health providers available to assist, the demand is forever growing. 

What does the MPH Program include?

The Masters in Public Health and Specializations offered by James Lind Institute, Switzerland follows a comprehensive curriculum making sure that you understand the finer aspects of Public Health and develop the necessary skills needed to practice in a professional setting.

The dual degree program offers an opportunity to earn a Master’s degree in Public Health through the Master of Science in Public Health Management Program from International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy. The course duration for the Masters In Public Health program is a total of 18 months, further to that the Master of Science in Public Health program continues for 36 weeks. Conceptualized and designed by experts, the two programs teach applied Public Health fundamentals and emphasize on solving the real-time challenges so that the students can apply those learning when out in the field. The dual program will include an introduction to Public Health, Epidemiology, nutrition, mental health, global health security, principles of public health, globalization and Public Health challenges amongst other important subjects. 

What is the way ahead after completing the course?

Once the course is over, you’re ready to step into the real world, although inching closer to your aim of making a difference in the life of others. There are a variety of paths to pursue depending on your interests. You can opt for field research, work on policies or directly provide help to communities, the particular field you choose depends on your interest. Public Health spreads into various sectors, giving you career options in education, engineering, mathematics, public policy, medicine and more. 

What is the job profile of a public health professional? 

Earning a degree is one thing, what you wish to achieve with it is another question for which you would seek answers. Being a Public Health provider, you are trained to identify and investigate health problems, educate and empower communities about various health issues, support communities by developing policies and strategies to counter various issues. With access to trends, latest data, technology, you will be at the forefront of research, developing solutions for numerous issues. From working as a Public Health analyst to an epidemiologist, there are several opportunities. Government agencies, state and local health departments, private sector companies, non-profit organizations are few sectors who would utilize your skills.


As a public health professional, you will gain perspective on the real-life problems which exist fuelling your passion to help in making the world a better place. Individually, you will come across various people from different backgrounds, changing your outlook on how you perceive things. The work in the given field will open doors for travelling, depending on your role, giving you a chance to understand different cultures and beliefs. Apart from limitless possibilities in various sectors and having a potential to grow further, you will also be making a huge difference in the field of healthcare. 

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