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Medical Tourism in India

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Medical Tourism in India

More or less a decade following it was initially envisaged as a key occurrence, medical tourism sector in India is beginning to take off. More and more communities across  the globe are avoiding expensive  treatments or long stay  at hospitals in their own countries, for the benefits presented by cost effective countries like India, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand.

Medical tourism in India is growing at a decent pace. India’s medical tourism sector is estimated to experience an annual growth rate of nearly 35%, making it more than a $2.5 billion industry by 2015. As medical treatment expenditure in the western world distends,   people  from developed countries are bending towards the prospect of global voyage for medical care and this trend is progressively becoming more alluring.

CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) stated that 150,000 medical tourists came to India for varied treatments in 2005, based on information from the Indian hospitals. The number increased to 200,000 by 2008. A disconnect study on Medical Tourism in India by ASSOCHAM ( Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) detailed that the year 2011 saw 850,000 medical tourists in India and estimated that by 2015 this number would go up to 3,200,000.

A good number of market surveys assert treatment expenses in India start at around one tenth of the cost of similar treatment in Britain or America. The most admired treatments expected in India by medical tourists are bone-marrow transplant, cardiac bypass, hip replacement, eye surgery and alternative medicine. India is acknowledged in particular for kidney, heart, lung and liver transplant surgeries, hip replacement/resurfacing and other areas of highly sophisticated medical procedures.

With ever-evolving infrastructure and a substantial collection of healthcare specialists, India is growing to be the peak destination for Medical Tourism. Medical Tourism in India is going to experience a golden era in coming years.

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