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Medical Writing a Promising Career Prospect!

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Medical Writing a Promising Career Prospect!

Medical writing is an exciting profession! The work is inspiring and often rewarding, and the necessity for medical writers is vast. Few people elect to choose medical writing as profession; most of us fit into it. Lot of us have technical or medical degrees (e.g., PharmD, MD, PhD, in a scientific field) and have gained experience in the field (e.g., as an academic, pharmacist, scientist, physician) or in top management and somehow caught up in medical communications task. Some of us may have degrees in English or Journalism or, worked in communications, and finally settled in writing about medicines and health.

There are two different types of medical writers: scientific and non-scientific or marketing. In broad sense, scientific medical writers have higher technical degrees (medicine, pharmacy, life science etc.) and usually learn about scientific writing by becoming a medical writer. Marketing medical writers have a degree in journalism or English and frequently be involved in knowing about medicines by becoming a medical writer. Technical medical writers typically do more technological/scientific writing for professionals. Marketing medical writers do writing in marketing point of view, often for end users or lay audiences.

Starting a career as a medical writer is always a tough task. Companies usually want to appoint people with experience, but how would a writer get any expertise if nobody is prepared to hire them? One of the best suited ways to enter into this profession is to register of JLI medical writing course. Not only do you obtain coaching as a writer, it reveals prospective companies that you are beneficial and serious about being part of the market as you could able to post your works in different healthcare sites. Beyond this, James Lind Institute offers assured freelancing opportunities after finishing the medical writing course. This is a sort of an internship so that you get some hands-on training in medical writing. Interesting career opportunities exist for both scientific and marketing medical writers. medical writing

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