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Medical Writing: An Opportunity to Work from Home

Medical & Scientific Writing

Medical Writing: An Opportunity to Work from Home

What is Medical Writing?

Medical writing is a function well-known in the pharmaceutical industry. Medical writing is needed to develop well-structured documents that present information distinctly and briefly. A variety of advanced complex drugs are consistently being launched in the market that undergo the scrutiny of clinical trials and other regulatory procedures, hence there is a demand for well-articulated, clear written standard compliant documents for easy understanding for medical professionals. This is where Medical writers are desirable who can exhibit their skills. The main objective of a medical writer is to provide the highest quality of scientific documents to satisfy the needs of the intended audience.

There are different types of medical writing. Medical journalism, Medical marketing, medical publishing, research & regulatory documents etc. The Medical writers are usually at pharmaceutical companies working closely with the data management team, clinical trial management, scientific researchers or regulatory affairs. They need to have the skill to express the content in an understandable and in a transparent state to enhance the process of drug approvals.

Freelancer as Medical Writer

Away from the white tie and tails and sitting in your favorite pyjamas and working all day along and getting paid for it, sounds soothing to your mind!  I know it sounds funny but yes, that’s how a freelancer could earn as well. Freelancing is one of the most preferred type of a job in the field of medical writing. Having the domain knowledge, writing skills and clarity can bring you the career you want from the comfort of working from home.

Medical writer freelancers can provide their services independently and efficiently from home as well. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” approach towards medical writing. However, there are certain common structure that can be put in place to make your medical writing more established and rewarding. Understanding of medical literature, good eye for detail, editing and publishing requirements, stringent timelinesare few basics to be known. Due to an increase in the number of research in the field of medical, upgrading your knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis can also prove to be very effective for your writing.

Opportunities in Medical Writing field today?

Medical writing has been increasing steadily over the last decade. The scope is tremendous. People who choose to make a career in Medical writing come from diverse background. You could be an experienced clinician or simple choose your career in medical writing either by docking there by fluke or by passion. You do not need possess a formal degree to pursue medical writing. There certain courses like short courses, workshops, or even “self-study” available that can help one to sharpen theirscience writing skills.

The James Lind Institute offers one of such courses. The Professional Diploma in Medical Writing, provides meticulous understanding and in-depth knowledge required for writing. It also equips you with professional expertise with high quality training. This course is completely approved by Clinical Research Industry enabling the students to be fully furnished for entering into the field of medical industry. The course is an online mode of study. Once the student enrols into this program she/he is expected to complete the course within 4-6 months however the course is self-paced with the maximum duration of 18 months.

For more details about this program and how to become a medical writer please visit the following link:
Medical Writing Course

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