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Medical Writing Careers: An Overview

Medical & Scientific Writing

Medical Writing Careers: An Overview

If you have ever thought of becoming a Medical Writer you are not alone. Medical writing is a fast growing, lucrative career that many people find challenging and rewarding. Unlike other occupations, most people arrive at it through different channels. Several medical writers are scientists first. After an education and time in the work force in either the scientific, pharmaceutical or health industry, they find that they enjoy the writing aspects of their jobs and decide to take it to the next level.

There are a few who do start out as writers or journalists and end up pursuing a career in medical writing. For those who start out this way they need to acquire some medical writing training to enhance their writing skills.

There are basically two types of medical writing disciplines which suit the two avenues of joining this career path. The first are the scientifically oriented. These writers produce articles and journals for other medically technical readers. Those with a medical/scientific degree are more apt to do this style of writing.

The second deals with the marketing of medical supplies, treatments and pharmaceuticals. This area attracts the journalists and English majors. Although it isn’t necessary to have a degree to enter this area of medical writing, having some college experience may be useful in acquiring the essential terminology and adhering to the required professionalism. These writers create for a more general audience so the writing is not as scientifically oriented.

Positions available to scientific medical writers include, but are not limited to editing, Internet content, journal abstracts and articles, medical education materials, monographs, pharmaceutical marketing and advertising, clinical trial reports, integrated summaries of efficacy and safety, investigator brochures and investigational new drug documents.

The employers of these types of writers may include hospitals/health care systems, managed care organizations, medical advertising/communication agencies, medical education companies, pharmaceutical companies and publishers. Marketing medical writers may find employment in writing advertising copy, articles, Internet content, magazine articles, marketing materials, medical script writing, newsletters, patient education materials, public relations materials, proposals or training manuals.
The employers looking for these types of writers are usually academic medical centers, associations, foundations, hospitals/health care systems, managed care organizations, medical advertising, pharmaceutical companies, publishers and web sites, as well as others.

Medical writing can be a very gratifying profession and attracts all sorts of people from different walks of life. If you feel you have what it takes to pursue this career, you will be challenged and rewarded. If you already have the necessary background and education then nothing can stop you, but if you need to further your education before you start your new career, you now have a better understanding of what is required of you to reach your goal.

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