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Preventive oncology – prevention is better than cure

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Preventive oncology – prevention is better than cure

Why preventive oncology?

Cancer has become one the major global threats recording the highest death toll every year worldwide. It was estimated that nearly 22 million cancer cases would be reported by 2030, if it persists at the same pace. The economic impact of cancer mortality and morbidity was estimated to be $895 billion in 2008 which was higher than that caused by cardiovascular diseases. About 25 countries are losing 2% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for deaths and disability resulting from cancer. Besides, in all these countries, preventive cancers were taking a disproportionate toll.

More serious concern is that the majority of early cancers are often largely asymptomatic in the initial stages. By the time the patients show obvious physical signs of cancer, it would have progressed to advanced stages making its treatment highly complex. However, in many aspects, prophylactic steps can be taken to prevent cancer as it arises mostly from modifiable risk factors such as lifestyle changes. The leading risk factors include obesity, imbalanced diet, lack of physical activity, consumption of alcohol and tobacco, pollution, food adulteration, environmental radiation and occupational exposures.

What is preventive oncology?

Preventive oncology is an interdisciplinary branch of science which aims at preventing cancer through modifying or avoiding the key risk factors using specialized tools and strategies. 

Cancer prevention occurs at three stages:

1. Primary prevention:

 This happens before the onset of the disease by eliminating of averting the risk factors.

2.Secondary prevention:

This takes place before the clinical symptoms or signs begin to show up.

3.Tertiary prevention:

This is carried out after the development of disease by lessening the complications and relapse of the disease.

Online Course in Preventive Oncology at James Lind Institute

James Lind Institute is a pioneer in the field of online training courses in various fields such as clinical development, public health and tropical medicine, pharmaceutical medicine, medical communication and journalism and social and environmental sciences. The globally accredited and industry specific training fine tunes your skills to match the needs of ever-growing market. It offers a dual master’s degree in public health with various specializations.

James Lind Institute’s dual master’s degree program, Master of Science in Public Health Management-Preventive oncology equips students with problem-solving skills for the practice of public health and preventive oncology. It aims at strengthening skills in public health management, research methodology, epidemiology and biostatistics to implement effective cancer screening and prevention programs. It acquaints you with various aspects of preventive oncology such as multidisciplinary perspectives of cancer problem, oncology epidemiology: methods and interpretation, surveillance, primary prevention and lifestyle risk factors, occupational and environmental risk factors, cancer screening, early detection and site-specific tumors, applications of cancer prevention methods and survival and palliative care. Successful completion of this course provides opportunities to work in community based cancer prevention units as well as tertiary care oncology centers.  

This course is conducted by James Lind Institute, Geneva, Switzerland in collaboration with International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy. The clinical training in preventive oncology is conducted at HCG Cancer hospital, Bangalore, India. The students can earn a fellowship in Preventive Oncology from HCG Cancer hospitals and James Lind Institute by further extending their studies for 6 months at HCG Hospitals, Bangalore, India. This additional training provides students with a unique opportunity to be placed in one of the most advanced and leading cancer care hospitals in the world. Besides, the students get an insight into several programs and projects run by HCG Hospitals from preventive oncology. 

For more details on the course structure, duration, tuition fee, eligibility criteria, mode of assessment, fellowship and career options please visit our official website

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