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Earn a Global MPH from Switzerland

Public Health

Earn a Global MPH from Switzerland

Public Health professionals in Nursing, Pharmaceutical companies and Medical Research help ensure national health by disseminating information and promoting preventive treatments among the population for a healthy lifestyle.

Global MPH (Masters In Public Health) Courses

On-campus and online courses in Master of Public Health are designed to train students to effectively protect and improve public health; sort issues impacting world’s population and ensure community partnerships to tackle challenges through educational awareness programmes, research, public health policies and services.  The applicability of knowledge and skills imparted during MPH courses is wide across a number of disciplines.  Specialized training programs in MPH cover unique and traditional core areas of communicable and non-communicable diseases, maternal and child health, toxicology or disaster management, public health education, healthcare administration and biodiversity issues. 

JLI (James Lind Institute) offers master, doctorate, advanced diploma and other academic programs designed to provide comprehensive exposure to the most relevant areas of the existing global public health problems. The knowledge and skill building methods, research and critical analyses offered in such programs ensure highly successful professional endeavours. JLI offers a Master in Public Health (MPH) degree with specialization in Maternal and Child Health; Sexual and Reproductive Health; Public Health Leadership; Disaster Management; Health Economics and Policy. The extensive public health courses conducted by the James Lind Institute are developed and assessed by knowledgeable experts and professionals in public health appropriate for individuals aspiring to join healthcare and public health sector.

MPH from Switzerland 

The focus and importance of public health within a population and community lies in developing plan of action in case of outbreaks, preventing disease outbreaks and implementing policies at national and international levels. The global demand for trained public health professionals with advanced degrees is growing. Masters in Public health (MPH) within Switzerland provides an opportunity to study within the world’s most multicultural hub for higher education and research with a range of languages, access to resources and expertise from the best European universities. The mission of such courses is to provide competent mode of education and understanding for analysis of health issues, interlinked determinants and complexity transcends across borders and sectors. Public Health education in Switzerland provides several opportunities in World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations, Red Cross, World Council of Churches and other non-governmental organizations. 

Professional community-led and population-based MPH degree educates on health services within organisations and international agencies across the globe. The field of public health leads to a wide range of career pathways in health promotion and administration within government and non-government organisations. Common career paths include Epidemiologists, Healthcare Administrators, Counsellors, Dieticians and Nutritionists in public or private large healthcare organizations. Public health practitioners with health and safety related data can analyse social, medical and environmental factors affecting community and improve overall health impact. The mission of such professionals involves tackling, planning and communicating solutions towards issues of accidents, alcohol consumption, obesity and drug abuse from a health perspective. 

Online MPH Program at JLI Switzerland

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program of Master in Public Health to improve health impact across the globe.

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