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Freelancers in Clinical Research

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Freelancers in Clinical Research

Clinical Research Industry has widened its horizons and rooted itself in developing nations like India, Latin America and Africa. With this, there has been a sincere need of qualified staff with utmost priority. Shortage of desired profiles and expertise; and the benefits of outsourcing clinical research work to these countries has resulted in a lot of need for freelancers (A person who sells services to employers without a long-term commitment to any of them)…
Many experienced clinical research professionals are working in this industry as freelancers only and earn their buck by providing services to a number of companies. Some already employed professionals on the other hand are putting in some extra bit by utilizing their weekends and holidays to do some freelancing activity if permitted by their current employer. This helps them get more experience and exposure to various activities that they would not be able to do on their routine jobs. This widens their array of multi-stream experience.

The young Indian entrepreneur willing to make it large can start with such pilot projects of being a freelancer to evolve himself through this experience.

Some lucrative freelancer career options are:

1. Medical/Content writer (Medical Writing)
2. Academic content writer (Medical Writing)
3. Clinical Research Faculty
4. Freelance Clinical Trial Monitor / Clinical Research Associate
5. Freelance Auditor/Consultant
6. Business Development Executive /consultant
7. Regulatory Consultant

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