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How Not to Apply for Freelance Writing Jobs

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How Not to Apply for Freelance Writing Jobs

Have you been marketing yourself all over the internet and not been hired for any of the freelance writing jobs you’ve applied for? Maybe it has something to do with the way you are presenting yourself to your potential employers. There are things to do and definite things to not do when pitching a freelance writing job. Here are a few of the things you should definitely not do:

1. Never tell your potential client to “Google me”!

This not only sounds arrogant, it means you can’t put a few sentences together to tell someone why they should hire you. Either you are too important or you are too busy to write a proper cover letter or resume. Either way, you’re on your way to the trash bin.

2. Proofreading is not an after-thought:

It does not matter if you are writing your resume, cover letter, or a grocery list. You have to proofread. If you can’t proofread your application for a job, the client will assume that you will not proofread the work. You appear sloppy and uncaring. If you don’t care about the job, then don’t apply.

3. Don’t assume a previous relationship guarantees you a job:

When you hold a position of power and have the ability to help someone, it is nice to be able to make a difference in a friend’s life. But just because you know someone does not mean that you automatically get the job. You still have to prove yourself as a writer and a professional. If your friend is any kind of boss, they will only hire the people that best suit the job. And would you want a job that you got because you knew the boss and not on your merit? (probably but you won’t get it, so no worries)

4. Just because you don’t have experience, doesn’t mean you won’t get the job:

The worst part about these applicants is that they would have a chance if they talked about their writing and why they are good for the job. Instead they talk about how much they don’t know. It’s okay not to know, but relay what you do know. Talk about your successes not your failures. Give some of your writing examples to show what you can do.

5. The first direction is: Follow directions!

It is amazing how many people do not follow directions. If an employer says to do something in the application then you do that thing in the application. It isn’t that difficult. The instructions are there for a reason. If you can’t follow simple instructions on an application, how are you going to follow the directions given to you for the assignment? Not obeying instructions will get your application in the trash, every time.

6. Don’t tell the client he is less experienced than you:

It’s okay to be old. A lot of people are. Yes you have experience and have seen a lot of things, but that does not give you the right to talk down to the person doing the hiring. Some people feel that because they have been doing this kind of work for a long time that they shouldn’t have to go through the process of applying for any job. That’s not so. It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you want the job you apply like everyone else. Writing samples and all.

7. If you’re not funny and the ad asks for a funny writer don’t apply.

It’s okay not to be funny. Not everyone is. Some people don’t have a funny bone in their bodies. That’s okay. No problem. There are some people who are very funny and can make a lot of people laugh. If that’s not you, no worries. Maybe you are one of the laughers. Even if you’re not one of those either, it’s okay. Some people are just plain dead. Carry on. But, if an ad asks for you to have a sense of humor and you don’t say anything funny in your application, what is anyone to think? They are going to think that you are not funny. If you’re not funny don’t apply.

Get the job:

The people, who follow directions, proofread and can provide samples of their work will get considered for the job they applied for. If you have a sense of humor it’s okay to throw in a smile now and then, especially if the ad asks for a funny writer.

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