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Where is the Money in Writing?

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Where is the Money in Writing?

Most people who have heard of writing as a career probably think it has something to do with publishing a book, writing articles for magazines or newspaper reporting. That was the truth until the age of the internet. When the World Wide Web opened up it created thousands, if not millions, of jobs for writers. People who write online can work for one company as a telecommuter, or they can work for several companies as a freelancer. They can write for web based e-zines, websites, blogs or any combination of these. Because there are so many opportunities online, people forget that there is an equally abundant job market outside of the Internet, or off-line, as it is sometimes referred.

Corporate America Needs Writers

Although there are many opportunities to write online, there are still numerous jobs writing for corporations in the real world. These jobs are very well paying and are usually long-term and full-time. These are claims the Internet jobs cannot make. The income for many of these jobs ranges from $29,000 up to over $100,000, depending on experience and skills. There are so many different ways that a writer can contribute to the corporate sector that we cannot list them all here. To get more information you can go to Payscale and to find actual pay rates for writers.

A Dozen Good Paying, Off-line Writing Jobs

This list of twelve writing jobs is not a complete list. This is just to get you started looking in the right direction:

1. Marketing communications–

A company may employ marketing communications writers to create advertising campaigns, sales proposals or even press releases. If you have an interest in this kind of writing, check out The Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals. It’s a society for marketing communications writers

2. Technical communicator–

This is for the technically savvy writer. This job entails writing manuals and pamphlets to assist customers with the understanding of their purchase of technological hardware or software. There is actually a website for technical communicators called The Society for Technical Communication.

3. Instructional designer–

The designing of effectualinstructionalresources to assiststudents,who wish to become proficientin a specifictopic, is the job of an instructional designer. The American Society for Training and Development is a professional association for instructional designers

4. Science writer–

Science publications and other journals employ science writers. The work may involve writing for technical audience or for the general public. Because there are so many fields of scientific writers, we will not try to list them here. The National Association of Science Writers is the professional society for writers wanting to work for scientific publications. .

5. Editing–

Editors work for authors, magazines and publishing houses. They sometimes review work to be published, evaluate books and work with writers to improve their books before going to print. If you have always thought that you would like to pursue this type of career, this may be the job for you. The American Copy Editors Society is a professional organization for editors.

6. Medical writer–

If you are interested in creating documentation in the medical field then medical writing is for you. There are several branches of medical writing, including pharmaceuticals, promoting treatments and devices and scientific medical writing,requiring many different skill sets. The American Medical Writers Association has a professional site for those who are, or want to be medical writers.

7. Financial writer–

Some people have a flair for finances. If that’s you and you like to write, you may be able to find a career interest as a financial writer. Some financial writers work online creating website information, some work for magazines and other corporations that deal with finances. The New York Financial Writers’ Association will have everything you need to know to get started.

8. Speechwriters–

Although there does not appear to be an association for professional speech writers, it is still a very popular career choice for some writers. Politicians use speech writers for every appearance. Whenever a popular personality needs to face the public they use a speech writer. Do a search online to see the various speech writing options

9. Grant writers–

As a grant writer, your job would be to help those entitled, such as non-profits and educational institutions, apply for federal and private grants. To investigate these possible areas of writing go to the American Grant Writers’ Association. A professional society for grant writers.

10. Copywriter–

Copywriting is a huge industry. Copywriters work both online and off-line.They write sales pages and advertising for magazines, newspapers, websites, billboards and mailers. Copywriters work for television, radio, advertising companies and numerous other companies. Go to the American Association of Advertising Agencies to get more information on copywriting.

11. Script writer–

If you have a great imagination and thought you’d like to be famous for your writing then you might be interested in script writing. Script writerswork for radio, movies and television.For more information on the possibility of a career as a script writer go to the Writers’ Guild of America.

12. Writing teacher–

If none of the above appeals to you, you can always teach. If you have the skills to impart your knowledge on to others, this may be the right career for you. The National Council of Teachers of English is a professional association of English teachers who may be able to help you. There is an excellent site for writers who want to get started in the business and may not know where to begin. Click here for Freelance Writing Jobs (FWJ).

What about Freelancing?

If you are interested in any of these writing careers but don’t see yourself stuck in an office for 40 hours a week, the good news is that all of these positions are open to using freelancers as well. Usually, if there is a big project, rather than hire a full time writer the company will just bring in a freelancer for that project. No matter what kind of writing job you are looking for, even freelance jobs, there are a lot of options. If you want to work in the corporate world and make a regular paycheck or if you would rather freelance and take several jobs, the door is wide open. You don’t have to limit yourself just because we now have an Internet.

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