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Medical Writing in the United States

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Medical Writing in the United States

Medical Writing is big business in the United States. Thousands of medical writers are employed in the US by hundreds of companies that deal in healthcare in one way or the other. These companies are pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, health magazines, journals, newspaper agencies and even hospitals. All these companies have a requirement to produce high quality scientific writings that are for a varied audience.

The audience for a pharmaceutical company for example, are the regulatory agencies such as the US FDA and even the general patient and physician population. Health magazines and Journals on the other hand target general public to make them aware of the latest developments in the field of medicine and healthcare. All these companies make huge profits with the help of good medical writers.

Although companies hire full time staff for medical writing, still, a lot more of them tend to hire writers from outside the company to help them with high quality writing. This is where freelance medical writers pitch in and provide value to the company that hires them. Freelance writers are mostly experienced writers who work at a lesser cost compared to a full time staff (thus no long term liability for the employer), work for them as and when required, and can work simultaneously for multiple companies on a number of assignments. More medical writers work as freelancers than those working full-time. If you are a medical writer, you can explore the option of offering your services as a freelancer to different companies. The freelance medical writing market is a multi-million dollar industry in the US and it is up to you how you can make the most of it. The opportunities are endless

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