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Flexible Study at James Lind Institute

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Flexible Study at James Lind Institute

Flexible education programs provide aspirants a wide range of career opportunities in national and multinational companies, non-governmental and governmental organizations worldwide.

James Lind Institute (JLI)

Courses at the James Lind Institute provide necessary self-paced learning latitude and inculcate responsible attitude towards professional development delivered with a state of the art learning management system. JLI crosses all barriers of geography and time which is well recognized throughout the globe. JLI has a wide variety of accessible e-campus programs with information centers in Singapore, the United States, Africa and the Middle East. 

Online campus tutoring center (OCTC) allows delivery of study lectures and interaction with faculty members to solve queries of students. Journal clubs conducted at regular intervals cover current topics of vital importance in the concerned industry and research sectors. James Lind Institute contributes towards holistic professional development through continuous improvement, knowledge exchange, dynamic team work and professional networking among students. JLI has built a networking platform recognized around the globe that collaborates in the professional arena of similar or different industries at all levels. 

Benefits of studying at JLI

E-learning has several pedagogical advantages which are sensible from a time and cost perspective for the students and the community. James Lind Institute has equipped e-learning for the future professionals with the right knowledge for sure success within the industry after identifying and assessing the benefits. Theoretical understanding and useful hands-on training of concerned topics prepares individuals towards exhibiting a brilliant professional career from day one. User friendly and technologically advanced e-campus at JLI provides remarkably ideal settings for knowledge sharing and training. Useful exercises of mock drills carried out and supervised by the mentor or tutor have practical application and play an important role in facing various scenarios along with adding extra dimension and prominent characteristics to the online training programs. E-learning allows international and employed individuals in different time zones to access online classes, audio/visual lectures, videos and interactive documents. The Admission process at JLI is simple, straightforward and easy to understand with the added advantage of reasonable tuition fees. 

Traditional academic environment at James Lind Institute recognizes the industrial need to provide necessary and specific education and training to complement professional development of aspirants in public health and clinical research fields.  Comprehensive online training program ensures a successful and efficient way of studying in domains of pharmaceutical medicine, pharmacovigilance, medical writing, clinical research, regulatory affairs and healthcare management as excellent substitutes to standard physical campus classroom programs. Academic programs of Master’s, Doctorate and Advanced Diploma offered at JLI are designed to provide comprehensive exposure to different areas of public health. Online programs and self-paced training available at James Lind Institute are highly accepted within the industry. The programs offered by this certified and accredited training institute are of very high quality and globally accepted. All standardized programs are available to individuals of diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, developed by industry professionals, internationally accredited by various accrediting bodies and accepted across all geographies.

Online Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides online masters programs for better career opportunities.

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